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How does autism feel?


How does autism feel? It’s a common question I get from people, paraphrased in a few different ways (perhaps the most common being “What’s it like being autistic?” or, less politely, “What’s it like to be so different?”.It’ll probably surprise you to discover I don’t take exception to this kind of question. In fact, as I hope […]

If you think autism is “just a label” then you might not be thinking at all

Since I got my formal autism diagnosis a couple of weeks ago I’ve had a couple of people tell me it’s “just a label”, and how it doesn’t change “who you are”.

Quite why they feel the need to share any of this with me this is beyond my understanding, especially when I’ve not asked them their opinion (and have no interest in it, to boot).

But, for whatever reason, I see a fair bit of this kind of thing in various groups and forums — it seems to go along with the claim autism is being deliberately or lackadaisically and thoughtlessly diagnosed to save parents the hassle of enforcing standards and discipline.

We can’t rule this out in every case, of course, but […]

What to say to a young and unhappy Aspie

Young depressed autistic teenager

Growing up is hard. Growing up autistic is even harder. And while an early diagnosis is better than a late one in the long run, it can be difficult to come to terms with (it was tough enough for me at 54, and I’d figured out my true nature myself a few years before being formally diagnosed).

So earlier today I sat up and paid attention when i saw this question posted in an Aspie-support Facebook group I’m in.

Here’s why my heart sank when I read the comments […]

We’re autistic, not broken (and why you need to stop trying to fix us)

We spend our lives trying to fit in. I was no different.

But this is a mistake and predicated on the idea we’re “broken neurotypicals” rather than having a legitimate neurological pattern of our own (broadly, of course — it’s a spectrum, and once you’ve met one autistic, you’ve met one autistic. In the same way neurotypicals are all different, so are we).

Here’s why this is so important for both autistics and neurotypicals to embrace […]

5 things not to say to an Aspie (or anyone else autistic)

If there’s one thing you can guarantee as an autistic it’s every day you’re going to run up against the casual, unthinking, and sometimes even well-meaning ignorance, stupidity, and bigotry from our neurotypical cousins.

Despite my grumpy, abrasive, and irascible demeanour I’m a surprisingly laid-back, forgiving, and non-judgemental chap.

But some things I have no tolerance for… and wilful stupidity is one of them.

It does indeed drive me mad.

And here are five things you can say to or about me which leave me feeling even madder than usual […]

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