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Autism self-diagnosis – yet another minefield

autism self diagnosis

Autism self-diagnosis is apparently “harmful” and something people “shouldn’t” be doing. And this is one more example of people — typically not neurotypicals, just for a change — poking their noses in where they’re not wanted, not needed, and have no right to be.The premise of their argument seems to be a self-diagnosis might be […]

The autistic community is a myth

The autistic community is a myth, in the sense there is no monolithic and homogenous group of autistic people who share a common goal, aims, or values. Hell, they don’t even present their autism the same way.But this doesn’t stop an awful lot of them trying to co-opt the rest of us into the autistic […]

We’re all a little bit autistic

We’re all a little bit autistic. Probably the most pointless, nonsensical, and least-useful thing you could ever say to an autistic.Congratulations.  You just went Full Stupid.  And you should never go Full Stupid. The simplest and most obvious problem with the statement is it makes no sense at all. Autism is the shorthand we use for autistic spectrum […]

Coming out as autistic

Coming out as autistic is a purely personal decision all autistics have to make for themselves. No one has the right to tell you what you should or should not do.Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this so I’ve seen on occasion some particularly nasty and vituperative posts and comments directed at those who choose to […]

Autistics and eye contact

autism and eye contact

Autistics and eye-contact, one of those subtle and highly irritating things I think we’d do well as a society to beat to death once and for all.As you may know, I’m a business owner, a mentor, and while I’m not a fan of social media I do have a presence there. And LinkedIn is where […]

Autism is just a label (nope)

autism is just a label

Autism is just a label. Ever heard that one? I know I have. I once even heard it from someone who’s now perpetually screeching about feminism and how she wishes middle-aged straight white men would accept the fact it’s wrong to discriminate against people because of their sexuality, colour, or gender. The irony is spectacular, no? Anyway, […]

You don’t look autistic!

But… you don’t look autistic. I’d be amazed, nay astounded if there’s a single adult autistic on this or any other planet who’s never had that one levelled at them at some point or other.And of all the dumb things neurotypicals say to us, this has to be the most obvious indicator of bigotry and ignorance of […]

Autism Awareness Month

autism awareness month

Autism awareness month is upon us once more, 30 days of having neurotypicals patiently explain to us what autism really is and how we should deal with it.Maybe I’m being unfair, as I suspect most of them are doing it with the best of intentions.  Although that doesn’t make it any less irritating when you get some plonker […]