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If you've hit this page, then you probably want to send me a message. It's easy. Just fill out the fields below, click the rather obvious blue button, and let the magic of technology take care of the rest.

I'll get back to you as quickly as I can, but do bear in mind I run a business and I'm usually pretty busy.

So please be patient..

But if you can't be patient, then you'd perhaps to better to poke me over on one of the social media channels. You can also stalk me there, or just join in the conversation.

  • Visit the Unapologetically Autistic Facebook page. It's open so anyone can "like" and see it — so if you don't want friends, family, and colleagues to know what you're up to, then you'd perhaps stay forever a lurker, and join the group below.
  • Join the Unapologetically Autistic Facebook group. It's a "closed group" so only members can see you're a member and read your stuff.
  • Follow Unapologetically Autistic on Twitter. I don't post much, and I rarely read it, follow threads, or engage with people there.
  • Check out the Unapologetically Autistic YouTube channel. A place where I add videos about autism and how it affects my daily life (and the daily lives of a lots of us, I'd imagine).
  • I'm also fairly active on Quora, so if you have a question for me about autism and my experiences with it and life, or anything else, in fact, that might be a good place to ask it. Here's my Quora profile.
  • For more business-related stuff connect with me on LinkedIN. I do post about autism there, but it's mostly about my business (which does include autism advocacy).

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Jon McCulloch, The Evil Bald Genius

Author, speaker, business owner, and autism advocate

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