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WelcomeThis is typically the page when I tell you all about myself and how passionate I am about a whole bunch of stuff no one but I cares about.

So we won't do that.

Instead, let's look at you, because you've found this blog and for some reason you're reading it.

Chances are you're either autistic yourself or you know or suspect someone you know is — boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, child, whatever.

Maybe you're the owner or manager of a business and you want to know how you can get the best from your autistic employees and give them a working environment they can bear.  

Or maybe you're just curious.

Whatever the reason...

... here you are.

And here I am sharing with the world my perspective of it as an autistic 54yo man, along with the experiences I've enjoyed (and not) over the years.

Most important of all it all adds up to a message of hope for young autistic men and women who can be as successful in life as they want to be if only they'll embrace what makes us different and play the cards they've been dealt.

I can't change the world on my own but I can with your help — by thinking globally and acting locally, one business, one NT, one autistic at a time.

And if you're a neurotypical reading this, I want you to understand this one thing: I want you to stop thinking in terms of understanding and acceptance — because the first is and will always be beyond you, and the second is misplaced and misguided. We're not yours to accept or reject as if we need your seal of approval for being what we are.

No, what we need is awareness first, and then forbearance.

Because we're different, we can't and shouldn't have to fit in the way you seem to want us to, and so we need your help to make change happen.


Jon McCulloch, The Evil Bald Genius

Author, speaker, business owner, and autism advocate

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