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Congratulations… it’s an Aspie
You're born autistic, and you die autistic. And what happens between those two bookends of mystery is mostly up to you. I found out today I'm autistic, 54 years after being pushed kicking and screaming into the world. Here's my story.

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Autism friendly? The disappointing truth
The autism friendly tag is a big thing where I live. Clonakilty, deep in South of the Irish Republic, is[...]
Catherine Noone and her anti-autistic bullshit
Catherine Noone seems to have dropped herself in it (again) with her profoundly uninformed, and frankly ignorant anti-autistic comments levelled[...]
[Video] Autistic literalism and other amusing foibles
We autistics are notorious for seeing things in black and white and taking things somewhat literally. And while amusing and frustrating, here's why it's not necessarily always a bad thing...
High-functioning autism and why it needs to die
High-functioning autism is another one of those irritating, annoying, and misleading labels we'd all be better off without. Why? Because it's predicated on a flawed understanding of what autism is as a spectrum disorder, and ultimately makes life harder for a huge numbers of people who walk around with the label stuck to them. First...
Alexithymia and autism — a new “thing” I learned about the other day
Alexithymia and autism are strongly correlated, way beyond the correlation with it among neurotypicals (around 10% of NTs have alexithymia, whereas alexithymia and autism are correlated at around 50%). Fascinating facts, I'm sure. But what is alexithymia, even? Yeah... [...]
Autism and empathy — where you’re getting it wrong
Autism and empathy, one of the most contentious topics I see thrown about by autistics and NTs alike (with the latter claiming the former don't have it, the former claiming they do, and both of them missing the mark). Here's my take on it, from an autistic point of view.
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