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Congratulations… it’s an Aspie
You're born autistic, and you die autistic. And what happens between those two bookends of mystery is mostly up to you. I found out today I'm autistic, 54 years after being pushed kicking and screaming into the world. Here's my story.

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Autism and empathy — where you’re getting it wrong
Autism and empathy, one of the most contentious topics I see thrown about by autistics and NTs alike (with the latter claiming the former don't have it, the former claiming they do, and both of them missing the mark). Here's my take on it, from an autistic point of view.
5 things you didn’t know about the autistic elephant in the room
Autism is woefully misunderstood and the common stereotypes are not just plain wrong but wholly unhelpful. Here are 5 things you didn't know about it...
Why person first language drives me mad
So, are you "autistic" or are you a "person with autism". It comes up more frequently than you imagine, and just like religion and politics, everyone's got their own opinion. Here's mine.
Can autism be cured?
A common question: can autism be cured? Nothing quite stirs up the hornets' nest of autistic indignation, outrage, and offence more quickly and comprehensively than this. The answer is simple...
[Video] Autism and eye contact
The myths around autism and eye contact are rife — and mostly inaccurate. And it's not just annoying but it's harmful. Here's why...
[Video] The irritating myth of “mild autism”
The term "mild autism" is not only inaccurate and misleading, but it's also harmful. Why? Because it merely describes how YOU experience my autism, and not how I experience it. Moreover, it suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of what autism and the autistic spectrum is. Just watch, listen, and learn.
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